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The voices in my head
I sang of love and burned up completely

Are you doing fine?
Jan 8, 2017 @ 10:32 AM

Hey, I miss you. I hope that you're doing fine. We may not close, but youre always close to my heart, A :)

Is it okay to be alone?
Jan 5, 2017 @ 10:23 AM

I choose to be alone. I enjoyed loneliness.

@ 10:21 AM

Hi, lately ni I selalu face bad daysssszzzzzz. Idk why ?????? I lost my friend. I mean friends! Takde lah yg betul betul lost. It is just........ we're not bestfriends anymore kot???? (termasuk guy bestf and girl bestf) Entahlah.. Maybe ni tanda seorang nurin dah matang kot? No more hard feelings no more nak terasa no more nak jaga hati orang sampai hati sendiri tak terjaga and no more rasa sakit hati. I guess? Sorry guys, for not being a good friend of yours. So lepas ni kita buat hal masing-masing je ok? Dont bother me, I wont bother you, I wont hate you, dont worry :)

Is this the end?
Dec 22, 2016 @ 1:18 PM

It's been a year since we act like strangers. Strangers with memories. I miss you. I miss taking care of you. I miss the way how you taking care of me. I miss everything about you, and the memories you left behind. Please take care when I'm not around.


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The strongest girl alive


"Indeed along with the hardship there is ease." [94:6]"